Place fifth sentence in correct place


[1]How should we respond? Companies and governments
need to assist workers in acquiring new skills while
helping them switch jobs as needed. [2]This includes
“making education and training flexible enough to
teach new skills quickly and efficiently,[3] a greater
emphasis on lifelong learning and on-the-job training”.
[4] It will also require updating our social policies,
perhaps along the lines of Denmark’s flexicurity system,
which aims to achieve 9flexibility in labor markets and
which aimsto achieve security for workers, 10[5]and
wider use of online learning and video-game-style simulation.
[6]letting firms “hire and fire easily, while supporting
unemployed workers as they retrain and look for new jobs.
[7]Benefits, pensions and health care should follow individual
workers, rather than being tied (as often today) to employers.”

Q. Is sentence 5 correctly placed?

B. After sentence 1
C. After sentence 3
D. After sentence 7